Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mole National Park Natural History Museum

Photo by: Ian Vandingelen
The Mole National Park (MNP) is the largest in the country with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna species; some of which are very rare. However little is known of the resources and as a result is largely underutilised in research, tourism and education. Meanwhile issues ranging from deforestation to poaching, littering, and uncontrolled bush burning in fringe communities continue to threaten the very fabric of the Park’s makeup.
A Rocha Ghana (ARG) and management of the Mole National Park (MNP) have identified the setup of a Natural History Museum as a way to sustain the natural resource base of the park, improve on awareness of its species richness, reduce the negative effects of human behaviour on it and increase its impact on society (particularly those close to the park). This will be achieved by stocking the museum with zoological and botanical specimens from the park as well as artefacts representing the ethno-biological relationship of indigenes and their ecosystem.
The overall goal of the Natural History Museum is to help to bring further awareness to visitors of the park, both foreign and domestic, of the environmental ecosystems and existence of the different wildlife that the Park’s ecosystem supports. Visitors, while waiting for their safari tour to start, can take the opportunity to walk around the Museum and get educated through the exhibits. They will learn more about the wildlife of the Park as well as the history. After the safari the visitors will have ample time to really go through the museum and look at all the displays and read the posters containing facts about the park; not only about the animals but also about how people historically used the park. This will also give visitors an added feel of the importance of the park. Visitors through the exposition will also make informed choices on time spent at the Park.
The anticipated cost of the project is GH¢ 17,941.00 which includes cost of exhibit mount, posters and art, gathering and preparation of taxidermy, labour and transportation. The organisation needs donations to pull this off.
If you are touched by this vision and wish to donate and support this course, kindly donate online at or contact A Rocha International office at  – Megan Russel, Project Manager, ARG.

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