Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating our Super Heros; Stephanie Mock

When I arrived in Ghana ready to study abroad for a semester I had no idea that not only would Ghana be so welcoming but how welcoming the A Rocha Ghana family would be as well. When I first walked into the Accra office and was told what I would be working on the rest of the semester I was at first a little intimidated. To be surrounded by new people, a new language and doing things I have never attempted before not only allowed me to learn new things but forced me to learn them quickly. My time with A Rocha Ghana helped me to gain a new perspective on conservation initiatives and what is like working in a foreign country as well as allowed me to meet some of the most inspiring and amazing individuals I have ever met. I can only hope that I have made such a lasting impression on A Rocha Ghana as it has made on me.
Since my time with A Rocha Ghana I have spent my time conducting tropical biology field research and studying abroad in Costa Rica with the Organization for Tropical Studies. I have spent the past 4 months living in biological research stations, hiking, doing field research and learning about the tropics. As my time here in Costa Rica winds down I will then have an internship doing urban ecology field research in New York City for the summer. After this I will complete my last year at university and then I will see what the future holds for me. My time with A Rocha Ghana gave me life experience of which I aim to use in my future career as well as overall life. Thank you A Rocha Ghana and to all who made my time there memorable as well as enjoyable.

Stephanie Mock
Tulane University ‘12
A Rocha Ghana Intern Late 2010