Thursday, July 1, 2010


"The global fight against climate change is a vast undertaking that will require sustained global citizenship and vision for decades." – Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General. One such virtue of global citizenry action is seen at the Kumasi High School. The school has exhibited leadership by committing themselves to a vision spanning decades into the future. Known in the southern sector for their academic exploits as well as outstanding performances in sports. no one will take it away from them that, they are among the first when it comes to what matters most. A Rocha Ghana undertook an education campaign to create awareness of the imminent possible consequences of Climate Change on life. The headmaster, staff and students of Kumasi High School never hesitated but agreed to partner A Rocha Ghana in the Schools Climate Stewards programme. After 3 years of partnership, one will marvel on seeing the Kumasi High School Climate Stewardship project.

The tree plantation project which is a mixed-species plantation has fast growing indigenous species like Khaya senegalensis (Mahogany), Terminilia superba (Ofram) and Ceiba pentandra (Onyina). One outstanding feature of this project is the mixed cropping system adopted by the students and the school’s coordinator. As part of community–school relationship, portions of the plantation have been given to individuals of the community for growing of cabbage, lettuce, pepper and onions. Students of the school who belong to A Rocha club occasionally go on-site to maintain the area even as they are taught simple forest and conservation principles. When the headmaster of the school was contacted to state the reason for the giant strides being made with regards to the climate stewardship project,he never minced words but stated that if present and future life can be sustained by such a project, they (the entire school) have no choice but to help with that dream. A walk through the plantation gives one satisfaction as the trees keep echoing that: “We cool the city, we clean water and air, we help community life, we provide habitat for species, we protect the soil and above all we can pay your carbon debt……!”

Other schools that have followed this example include Bompata Senior High School, Namon Senior High School and Dadease Agricultural Senior High School. – By Schools Programme Team

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